Instant Pot Chicken Tenderloins | Food Under Pressure

I am a big fan of Chicken Tenderloins, but it can be pretty easy to overcook them. You don’t want to do that – Chicken Tenderloins ain’t cheap, and overcooked means rubbery chicken (no, thanks!). I was a little hesitant to try for Instant Pot Chicken Tenderloins.
With the high pressure of the Instant Pot, I thought it might just be too much. I decided to just go for it.
Low and behold! Instant Pot WIN – again – in 10 minutes!


1-2 lbs chicken tenderloins

1 cup water

Seasonings of choice – enough to season liberally


Place the rack that came with the Instant Pot, or a rack of your choice, over the liquid. Place chicken on rack, then season liberally.

I used salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika and sprigs of fresh thyme. Thyme is perfect for chicken!

Close the lid of your Instant Pot, and turn vent knob to “Sealing”. Press “manual” button, then set time using “+/- buttons to 6 minutes.

When cook time is complete, quickly release pressure (QPR) by turning vent knob from “Sealing” to “Venting”.

Open the lid of your IP, and behold the easiest chicken tenderloins EVER!

Instant Pot WIN!

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