Pressure Cooker BBQ Ribs | The Fervent Mama

Pressure Cooker BBQ Ribs… nearly perfect!

Just under 30 minutes cooking first in the pressure cooker, making the ribs so tender that the bones just pull out clean, and then just a few minutes under the broiler for a BBQ sauce that sticks to the meat like white on rice.

Fair warning, you won’t cook ribs on the grill again after eating these. There’s just something absolutely irresistible about a good rack of ribs, and these are no exception. These pressure cooker ribs are melt in your mouth good!

[description taken from The Fervent Mama]

photo taken from The Fervent Mama
photo taken from The Fervent Mama

Main Ingredients

Baby Back Ribs

BBQ sauce

brown sugar


apple juice

For the full recipe from The Fervent Mama, visit their website here:


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