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Packaged Yellow Rice [Instant Pot Pressure Cooker]

Yellow Rice is the best.

Especially when it comes to serving any kind of tacos, enchiladas, nachos, burritos, etc – ya know, tex-mex food.

I love tex-mex, and I love yellow rice.

What I don’t love is cooking rice – any kid of rice. I suck at cooking rice! I admit this in my recipe blog on Jasmine Rice, too. #stayhumble

No matter what I do, my rice is either soggy, mushy, over cooked, under cooked… something other than good. Edible, perhaps, but not good.

Because the yellow rice is packaged, I wasn’t sure how it would work in the Instant Pot. I am happy to report, it works AMAZING! Seriously guys, it comes out PERFECT. Don’t believe me, just try it.

Have I told you how much I LOVE my Instant Pot?

I am cooking for 3, hubby, me and 7 year old step daughter (who isn’t always agreeable to eating rice). So its pretty much hubby and my currently pregnant self (yay – due March 2017).

For that reason, I make the smallest package of yellow rice I can find at the store (5 ounces), and that is what this recipe is based on. The rice in the package is just under 1 cup, but I used 1 cup water and it turned out perfect! If you want to make a bigger package, I’d say aim to use equal parts rice to liquid. The cook time should not change.

Packaged Yellow Rice [Instant Pot]
1 package yellow rice, 5 ounces
1 cup water
1/4 t cilantro, dried, optional
1 T butter
Pour water in Instant Pot (IP). Add yellow rice. Add cilantro. Add butter.
Place lid on IP and turn vent knob on lid to “Sealing”
Press “Manual” button and adjust cook time using “+/-“ buttons to 10 minutes. Once IP pressurizes (about 5 minutes), cook time countdown will begin.
When cook time completes, IP will beep and automatically change to “Keep Warm” setting. Allow IP to depressurize naturally (NPR) on Keep Warm for 10 minutes. Release any remaining pressure manually (QPR) by turning vent knob on lid to “Venting”.
Open IP, fluff rice with fork, and ENJOY the perfection!
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